Galaxy_2MRS and Galaxy_Comb tables

The tables Galaxy_2MRS and Galaxy_Comb have the same columns, but galaxy group/cluster data in Galaxy_2MRS are related to the GalGroup_2MRS table, and the Galaxy_Comb data are related to the GalGroup_Comb table. The group/cluster identification numbers, groupid, are independent in the 2MRS and combined datasets.

Table structure

identification number in PGC (principal galaxy catalogue) id in the corresponding GalGroup table
ngalintmeta.numberrichness (number of members) of the group/cluster the galaxy belongs to
groupdistdoublepos.distanceMpccomoving distance to the group/cluster centre, where the galaxy belongs to, calculated as an average over all galaxies within the group/cluster
zobsdoublesrc.redshiftobserved redshift (without the CMB correction)
zcmbdoublesrc.redshiftredshift, corrected to the CMB rest frame
error of the observed redshift
distdoublepos.distanceMpccomoving distance (calculated directly from the CMB-corrected redshift)
dist_cordoublepos.distanceMpccomoving distance of the galaxy after suppressing the finger-of-god effect
raj2000doublepos.eq.radegright ascension
glondoublepos.galactic.londeggalactic longitude
glatdoublepos.galactic.latdeggalactic latitude
sglondoublepos.supergalactic.londegsupergalactic longitude
sglatdoublepos.supergalactic.latdegsupergalactic latitude
x_sgdoublepos.cartesian.xMpcsupergalactic Cartesian coordinate along the x-axis, based on dist_cor (fingers of god are suppressed)
y_sgdoublepos.cartesian.yMpcsupergalactic Cartesian coordinate along the y-axis, based on dist_cor (fingers of god are suppressed)
z_sgdoublepos.cartesian.zMpcsupergalactic Cartesian coordinate along the z-axis, based on dist_cor (fingers of god are suppressed)
magGalactic-extinction-corrected Ks magnitude as given in source catalogue
sourcetinyintmeta.codesource of the galaxy: 1=2MRS, 2=CF2, 3=2M++

Sample queries

  1. Select all columns for a specific galaxy (2MRS data), based on the ID number pgcid:
    SELECT * FROM Local_Universe.Galaxy_2MRS WHERE pgcid=176
  2. Select all galaxies that belong to the galaxy group (combined dataset) with the ID groupid of 5:
    SELECT * FROM Local_Universe.Galaxy_Comb WHERE groupid=1