GalGroup_2MRS and GalGroup_Comb tables

Galaxy groups/clusters in the GalGroup_2MRS and GalGroup_Comb tables have been obtained using the 2MASS Redshift Survey (2MRS) and combined dataset (2MRS, CF2, 2M++), respectively. The identification numbers, groupid, in the two tables are independent from each other.

Table structure

group/cluster id
ngalintmeta.numberrichness (number of members) of the group
raj2000doublepos.eq.radegright ascension of the group centre
dej2000doublepos.eq.decdegdeclination of the group centre
glondoublepos.galactic.londeggalactic longitude of the group centre
glatdoublepos.galactic.latdeggalactic latitude of the group centre
sglondoublepos.supergalactic.londegsupergalactic longitude of the group centre
sglatdoublepos.supergalactic.latdegsupergalactic latitude of the group centre
zcmbdoublesrc.redshiftCMB-corrected redshift of group, calculated as an average over all group/cluster members
groupdistdoublepos.distanceMpccomoving distance to the group centre
km/srms radial velocity deviation (sigma_v in physical coordinates)
Mpcrms deviation of the projected distance in the sky from the group centre (sigma_sky in physical coordinates); sigma_sky defines the extent of the group in the sky
Mpcmaximum radius of the group/cluster
mass_200floatphys.mass10+12Msunestimated mass of the group assuming the NFW density profile
r_200floatphys.size.radiuskpcradius of the group within the mean density is 200 times higher than the average density of the universe; radius of the group that contains the mass M_200;
mag_groupfloatphot.magmagobserved magnitude of the group, i.e. the sum of the luminosities of the galaxies in the group/cluster