SDSS_DR10.FilGalaxy table (restricted)

unique identification number for a galaxy
scaledecimal(2,1)stat.paramscale (radius) of a filament
filidintmeta.idid of the nearest filament
pointidintmeta.idid of the nearest filament point
zcmbdoublesrc.redshiftredshift, corrected to the CMB rest frame
raj2000doublepos.eq.radegright ascension (deg)
dej2000doublepos.eq.decdegleft ascension (deg)
dist_cordoublepos.distanceMpc/hco-moving distance of the galaxy when the finger-of-god effect is suppressed (as used in filament extraction)
dist_filfloatpos.distanceMpc/hdistance from the nearest filament axis (or from filament end point)
dist_along_filfloatpos.distancedistance along filament